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How do I protect a PDF to prevent file sharing?
One way to phrase your goal is to ensure that you can sell a PDF format ebook to one customer deliver them a PDF file that they can read but which no-one else can read. Thus if that first customer shares the ebook it won be readable by anyone else who receives it. Adobe Systems has a product for you Adobe Content Server . If you aren publishing enough ebooks to justify buying and running your own Content Server that page has s to Adobe partners who could publish and protect your ebook. Another way to phrase your goal is to be able to sell an ebook in whichever format works best to one customer deliver them an ebook they can read but which no-one else can read. has a product for you Kindle Direct Publishing s . They can apply their own protection to Kindle e-books. You might find this Kindle Publishing FAQ s (by a fellow author) to be useful. You should know that no protection technology will stop a determined enough attacker. When I did a search for kindle drm to research paragraph 2 of this answer all the top answers were for ways to remove italic protection. Be aware that some good customers like me really resent protection will avoid products that have it and might even try to remove it to avoid the difficulties it brings to honest readers. Another way to phrase your goal is to ensure that you sell enough copies of your ebook to make a profit on the effort you took to write it. That leads to a much different approach. First write a really good ebook which delivers value to the right reader. Second sell the book at a fair price without hassles (which likely means without technical protection measures). Third build a base of delighted fans who love you so much that they want to buy your products as a way to say thank you. For more on this approach see Kevin Kelly essay 1 True Fans . Fourth find ways to make money in ways other than controlling what your customers do with the content you authored. Cartoonist and filmmaker Nina Paley has excellent insight into free content at Question Copyright .
How can I copy text from secured PDF?
I ran into a similar problem last week when I had to copy some from a PDF document and paste it into a presentation. Did a quick Google search and found that it is protected with the owner password. In case youre not familiar with the PDF password protection then let me tell you that there are basically two s of PDF passwords 3 owner password and user password. If a PDF is protected with user password then you can open that PDF without entering the right password. Owner password restricts some basic functions like printing editing copying and images and so on. If your PDF document is protected with the owner or permission password then youll see the word Secured in the title bar when you open the file in the Adobe Reader. Now after understanding about PDF password s let talk about the method to break or crack them. If youre dealing with a user password then let me tell you that it is next to impossible to crack the user password. There are some tools that claim to remove the user password but most of them are rip-offs and they don work. On the other hand there are some workarounds to remove the owner password and enable copy print and other features. Method 1 Take the screenshot and run through it OCR program This is not the most convenient method but it works. What you need to do is to take the screenshot of the that you like to copy and then use any free OCR program to extract the from your PDF. Youll find plenty of free OCR tools on the internet. FYI 3 Microsoft One-Note also has built-in OCR functionality. Method 2 Use some PDF password remover to unlock your PDF file You can also use some PDF unlocking utility to remove PDF owner password and copy the freely from your PDF. I also ended up using the tool rmend in this tutorial s to remove password from my protected PDF. It is convenient and saves a lot of time. For your quick reference here are the steps you need to follow Install the app on your Windows PC or Mac Launch the app and import the protected PDF file by clicking add file button Select the destination folder where you like to save your unprotected PDF file Click the Start button to unlock your PDF file. There are some online websites that also claim to remove the password from a PDF document but most of em don work with the PDF files protected with latest version of Acrobat. And if you PDF document contains some confidential information then it is better to AVOID these website.
What's the best way to take notes on a PDF?
Of course it is possible to convert the PDF to word and then add notes to it. After that you may convert the word file back to PDF again. However this way is a little time-consuming and you can make sure that the pattern of PDF will be changed or not. Now it has be more flexible to write notes on PDF with the programs. I would like to share the two free online ways. Way 1 Use LightPDF Steps 1. Visit Edit PDF s function page on LightPDF. 2. Drag your file from yourputer hard disk and drop it on its interface. 3. After loading your PDF file select one of the tools including pen circle highlighter pen to add notes to the PDF file. 4. After adding the notes click the Save icon to save the file. 5. When it finishes processing it download the file to yourputer. Features of it This service is totally free to use but its functions for adding notes to PDF are not very powerful. You are not required to download any program for using the editing feature on LightPDF website. There is no any restriction for using all other functions of this online service. All inputted and outputted files will be deleted automatically from its server. Way 2 Use PDFescape Steps 1. Visit PDFescape s website. Upload your file onto this website. 2. Take notes on your PDF file using the tools like whiteout freehand form field and so on. 3. Click Download & Save button to save your edited file. Features of it Free users can only upload PDF which is less than 1 MB and 1 pages. Support loading PDF file by just pasting URL. Support adding annotations in various styles including sticky note skrikeout underline rectangle etc.