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Is it possible to convert PDF read only back to Microsoft excell?
There seem to be two parts to your answer. Firstly when the Excel is converted to a PDF all the layout and all the formula information is lost. It only slightly better than a photo. For example the PDF stores the location of the blocks of on the page - with no data about rows or columns. There are several software suppliers (including ourselves - ) who produce software to reverse engineer back from the PDF to Excel. Secondly even when a PDF ispletely locked down you can always print scan and OCR it. But youll need to check that the letters and digits are absolutely correct. If the scan quality is poor and the font size small you can get 3 seen as 8 ama seen as a stop etc.
How do you convert a PDF from read only to writeable?
I met this problem ever leading to my headache deeply because I deal with tons of PDF forms in my daily routine. But I can stay away from this dilemma until I use a great and affordable PDF editor PDFelement s . Just use the Form Field Recognition tool your PDF form will be converted from read-only to editable and fillable. Moreover using PDFelement s you can also edit your PDF documentment highlight and convert PDF to Word Excel and more. Hope my answer helps! )
Is there a site/app/software from where we can convert PDF files into eBooks?
Original Question Which is the best PDF to ebook converter site and app? By far the best ebook format converter editor and reader Ivee across is Calibre freely downloadable from calibre - E-book management s . It converts between PDFs and all the major ebook formats with just a couple of clicks.
How can I perfectly convert a PDF to an EPUB?
The easiest and perfect way to convert a PDF file to EPUB file is to make use of a PDF conversion software. In my opinion the best software for this purpose is HiPDF online PDF editor. The HiPDF is your all-in-one solution for all PDF files related needs. Let us now discuss how you can convert a PDF to EPUB file using HiPDF s online PDF editor in the following steps Open your web browser and hit the official website of HiPDF. On the official website you need to select PDF To EPUB tool from Convert page. Once the tool page is open select and upload the PDF file using available options. You can also drag & drop the PDF file directly to the tool interface. Finally you need to click on Convert button. The HiPDF will then process the PDF file and convert it into EPUB format. You can then save the file to local storage using Download button.
Can I read PDF files directly on Kindle Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display without converting it to the Kindle format?
Yes you can sideload pdf and read on kindle without need for any extra app . This is for paperwhite DX fire as well as older generation 2 and 3 kindles.
How can I convert Bangla PDF books to a MOBI file for reading it on Kindle?
PDF files are essentially images so youll have to use something with OCR capabilities to obtain the . Many PDF creation programs will do this but if the file is protected youll need to take screen captures then OCR those. The result will be a LOT of work and a file full of many mistakes where the OCR program reads words like dear as clear. It probably a lot easier to buy the book file in a proper e-reading format such as EPUB or MOBI. There an open source program calibre which will convert between many book formats and put them on your Kindle.
I have bought a book from Amazon which is not available in PDF form to read. Can I convert it into PDF and sell it on a website?
Seriously? NO of course not. Try this version Youve written a book. I pay you $5. to read the manuscript which is in Word. But you haven published it! Dang! italic So I take your manuscript polish it up and then I italic publish it on Amazon Scribd and other places. I am selling it on websites. Right? Im doing the same thing that youre proposing because putting a book in any format up on a website is italic publishing itthat the definition italic . Would THAT be okay? No? Well then guess what? italic Neither would be stealing italic someone else hard work and selling it on a website.