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Disable Options To Download, Print, And Copy For Commenters And Viewers: What You Should Know

Download, print, copy, and save for others checkbox. Click Save changes.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers

Instructions and Help about disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers

Okay here's how you disable download print and copy from commenters and viewers on a Google Doc so in the doc itself you can go up to file share because this is part of the sharing settings and we want to go to the advanced menu here now from here we can see everyone that we have shared with I have it shared with an alternate email of mine and this person has only commenting abilities so when we look at this advanced menu box down here disable options to download print and copy for commenters and viewers so if this person is a comment or or viewer this will apply now do keep in mind that this person can always take a screenshot of the document so if you are passing this sensitive documents through Google Drive just be aware that that it's you know that it's out there so from there you want to save changes and that's how you do that so you can also do it through the Google Drive page itself if you right-click on the file and go to share and now we're seeing the same menu pop up we go to advanced and we see this option a couple things before you click away if you found this video helpful if it answered the question that you have please give me a thumbs up what that does is it allows YouTube to continue recommending this video to other people who are searching for the same things as you and also some of these free software's can be a little limiting so in that case I'm including a link in the description below to other softwares that you might find helpful as well so give me a thumbs up and look in the description...

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