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Prevent Screenshot: What You Should Know

Possible Workaround? — Block Screenshots I have tried various ways but to no avail, except for the fact that Windows File Explorer blocked the user from taking screenshots. I am guessing that other file managers may also block the screenshot functionality.  Is it possible to prevent users to take a screenshot? Using the above capabilities with the aforementioned command would prevent the user from taking screenshots. However, this will likely only prevent the user from taking screenshots. As a result, this feature would have no effect on data or settings that are protected by the user's account.  If there is a solution to prevent the user from taking screenshots, please share with us! Prevent Screenshots? — Not supported. Can we disable the prevention user from taking screenshot? Yes.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing prevent screenshot


Does Facebook's profile picture guards too?
Only if you are using the facebook app on your phone. The app will not let you take a screenshot while that photo is on the screen. I tried a third party screen capture app and I got a black rectangle. Its just a patch of black color. To take a screenshot you have to open the phone browser and find the person you want to take a screenshot of. Even your phone built-in screen capture function will then be able to take all the screenshots you want.
What is the code used by Facebook that prevents screenshots (smartphone app)?
As making screenshots is an operating system feature on iOS then there is no way topletely block this functionality from an app. Just tested on Facebook app on iOS and it allowed me to make a screenshot just fine. There are ways to hack a bit and get what you want though. Best way to approach this problem is to obscure the content when screenshot is taken as app gets notified when it happens. Some apps also notify users when screenshot is taken with their content visible (like snapchat). So unfortunately
What's the new security policy of Quora that prevents screenshots?
Please say more about this policy. Im not aware of it.
How do yous in PDF files?
First you need to figure out how to prevent someone from using their digital camera phone or tablet from taking a picture of theputer screen on which the PDF is displayed. Once you do that - then bothering tos would be a worthwhile consideration
Why can't WhatsApps?
Why should Whatsapp do that? There no need to do that and also WhatsApp is just a messaging app and if you want to take any screenshot for proof then it better if WhatsApp doesn't prevent to take screenshots. Yes I know anyone can create fake screenshots but still people believe in WhatsApp screenshots. Now it bes more important to take screenshots from when WhatsApp gives the option to delete messages. And yes WhatsApp can do that but they don think that it is good for their business. Maybe lots of people will stop using WhatsApp and they can shift to others app like telegram And also taking screenshots in WhatsApp is now bes more important because lots of people take screenshots of their friends status. But anyone can do that to prevent taking screenshots from WhatsApp just by adding a simple code into the official app using the reverse method. But to do that you should have programming language.
Can we block screenshot feature in iPhone or blacken the screen to?
That's a lot to ask from apple. nYou cannot tweak isn't any feature which stops you from taking screenshot. You're talking about removing a inbuilt feature which is not possible until you know a developer who can do it for you after jail breaking. nOtherwise you cannot tweak any features which are provided by apple. n(Picture is just to support the answer so that it doesn't collapse) u2b
Is there a way to capture on an online document?
Every laptop or PC has a print-screen button on their left top side which allows you to capture a screenshot of an online document or file while surfing the internet. Which then you can use it in any way you like to. But then if you were an owner of a website sometimes you may not want people to take screenshots of your page And if that is your case then you can simply disable the print-screen function for the users of your website. Well you can surf through the internet and download the disable printcreen code from any of the website and then launch your word processing programme. But just know that using the disable code only prevents the user from taking a screenshot of the page but can still copy paste your information into their own document. Or you can also use screen guards software that prevents users from taking a screenshot of your page. For further queries about your problem you can go to the ive provided below #1 screenshot capture extension s
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