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PDF Not Editable After Saving: What You Should Know

How can I set default formatting while saving as PDF form? ‒ Make the PDF form in ‥ File > Document Properties ‒ Default Format Default Format ‣ No Default Font .TTF How to print an enlarged PDF form? Print PDF form is always the page size which can be enlarged by the PDF printer. How can I make PDF form can be re-sized after printing? Information regarding what causes the form not to re-size after printing. To add a size in the form: Copy the text “print as….” to the bottom line on paper. Save the PDF as a copy. The form must then be in the form size, but the original sheet will not be in it. Edit the original sheet. Add the content to the form in the form size.  Please note that this step is only available if the Form has been printed as a copy. Exporting PDF Form as CSV file? If you're exporting the entire document in CSV format, please refer this document. How can I modify PDF form contents after processing printing it? You may want to get the PDF file back in order to set the content back to the original format. If you already get the document back, you can skip this section. How can I get CSV file with my PDF Form? If you are able to find the content of a PDF file, you can now open the file with other software that recognizes PDF file type ‒ Open ‥ File → Create New File How can I download the CSV file of my PDF Form? You can download the CSV file (form, title page, body text) of your current or previous PDF Form by selecting the ‣ Get CSV File from PDF Form button in the PDF Form Settings. How do I download a copy of an existing CSV file? In order to download an existing CSV file, select the ‣ Create New CSV file option in the CSV Settings. ‣ Choose the CSV file to download from or set the path/name where the CSV file will be saved. How do I download a CSV file of an existing PDF form? You must download the entire PDF document first. When you select the ‣ Get CSV File from PDF Form option in the PDF Form Settings, only the portion of the form that is being printed is visible. However, the actual content of the PDF document is saved as a .csv file.

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How do I enable form fields in PDF?
Enable the Auto-Complete option Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Protectpdfonline / Protectpdfonline Reader > Preferences (Mac OS). Select Forms on the left. Under Auto-Complete, choose Basic or Advanced from the menu. Select Remember Numerical Data if you want the Auto-Complete memory to store numbers that you type into forms.
Why did my PDF stop being fillable?
If you can't type into a form field on a pdf, it may be due to a browser's default viewer for pdfs. Fillable forms require Protectpdfonline or Protectpdfonline Reader/Protectpdfonline DC to fill them out online or on your computer. Many browsers use a different pdf viewer by default that doesn't support fillable form fields.
Why can't I edit PDF after saving?
Save a Copy is required to edit the form only when you have either distributed the form or saved it as Reader extended PDF. In this case if you want add Scroll feature to a field then go to (in DC) 'Prepare Form' tool under the toolset on the right. On this screen, select the file and click on start.
Why are fillable fields not showing in Protectpdfonline ?
You have to uncheck the Locked box at the bottom and then uncheck Read Only. You can then lock the box again. This will have the fields show up and allow changes to be made to it.
How do I make a fillable PDF form again?
Using Protectpdfonline with PDFs You can use Protectpdfonline to add fillable forms to a PDF file. To do so, click the "Tools" tab in Protectpdfonline and select "Prepare Form." Browse to the file you want to make fillable, or follow the instructions to scan a paper document if you have a scanner.
How do I make a PDF editable again?
Once the file is in your drive, right-click or long-tap the item in Drive's main view. Select Open Open with, then click Google Docs. The PDF document will open in a new browser tab in the Google Docs interface. From here you can edit any of the text in the PDF document as if it were a standard word processor file.
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