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How do you undo edits after saving a PDF in Acrobat Pro DC? I edited, saved the file, but "undo" is grayed out.
I use Foxit an open source PDF program that is very much like Acrobat except for the price. Foxit like all open source programs is free. I believe most programs work about the same. It is my understanding that once a file is saved the edits be part of the background of the file and cannot be changed. I can't remember opening a PDF for more editing.
Why does the memory size of an MS file (doc/PDF) increase after we make edits and save it even if the newer file has fewer words or even the same number of words?
When you use Save Word just saves your recent edits as an addition to the current document with internal pointers to where the changes were made. If you uses Save As... these changes are actually implemented and the file size will usually be smaller since it no longer needs to carry this extra overhead. Why would it be designed like this? Probably to ensure quicker saves (a big advantage on older slowerputers) or minimize time for auto-saves. You can detect this by examining a Word document in some editors the changes appear near the end of the document until you use Save As. As a slightly-related aside you will also find that a document using styles instead of direct formatting will be noticeably smaller. Consider a document with 1 paragraphs formatted without styles all of the paragraph formatting for each paragraph will be associated with each ub6 s keeps spacing etc. However if the formatting was managed by applying a style only the style token italic needs to be associated with each ub6 and the style definition only needs a single set of the paragraph formatting. (This can also be detected with some editors.)
Will I make it to Srishti School of Design with a rank of 1600 in UCEED 2018 and how do I apply with my UCEED rank?
Admissions Undergraduate Professional Program - 218-19 This page contains the to a pdf that gives details regarding the selection criteria for admissions into Srishti for the year 2183219. I wasn sure what the admission procedure was for UCEED candidates as there was no clear demarcation for the selection through UCEED and their own entrance examination SEAT. It only says that students with a rank within top 1 would not have to write the Test 1 in SEAT. If you have got a rank less than 6 then you won have to write the Test 2. That all the information I could get from that particular file so I wrote an e-mail to their admissions department as there was no clear information for Test 3. This is what I got in response I got a rank less than 6 and therefore i was exempted from writing SEAT 218. Based on this even after writing UCEED you have to write SEAT as your rank does not satisfy their criterion. You can still apply through SEAT 218 Edit After saving this draft I checked their site again. This is what I got. there more information available here CEED Applicants 218-19
Which app can be best alternative to banned Chinese app cam scanner?
I have personally used the app Snaplingo italic thates with a huge number of features one can ever think of. It is a made in India app made exclusively by a group of Indian students . I have listed below some features of Snaplingo Experience the world of doc scanning + OCR + QR code scanning italic s 9. Save as doc or PDF 1. Search in the previous OCR s 11. Merge s from different s and avoided difficulties for all phases. A ge to simply click a picture of hard-copied documents with focal visibility will be converted to scanned product. Thises with auto-crop and enhanced quality to set in for your industry standard quality meeting industry standards. *An attractive feature to add filters to the captured s or saving it for later editing serves your purpose. Save them as doc or PDF. *Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps to auto detect s in s creating a perfectly neat document. *Share and Generating QRs will lend a great help to you in ing it with social media transfers. Its serves your purpose of easy phone scanner and enhanced highlighted features with best quality. Here the to the play store SnapLingo Document + OCR + QR Scanner - Apps on Google Play s
What are some computer tricks that a CS student must know?
I be writing someputer tricks that I think most of the people don know about. Some of these tricks are already mentioned on Quora some I found randomly surfing on YouTube and some of them I discovered meself messing with my PC out of boredom. The Illuminati Folder italic Well technically its just a folder hidden in sight. You can use it store your files which you don want your boss partner to see or to store your 1 gb study materials ;p Find a suitable folder to hide or create one on your desktop. Right click = Rename. While renaming it hold the Alt key and press 16 from the numberpad to input the ASCII values of an empty space. Your Folder name is now hidden. To hide the folder icon right click the folder = Properties = Customize = Change Icon. From the list of available icons find the blank one and apply it. Voila now you have a secret vault for yourself. Note 1)You have to use the numberpad the number keys on top won work. 2)Place it somewhere in the bright part of background else you may see the outline. italic The Window Wobble italic I found this a few years back using a Windows 8 Laptop. According to the Devs this thing exists since the time of Windows 7. When you have a hell lot of windows open and want all windows except one to minimize grab that window by the top bar and shake it to minimize the unwanted windows. The Super Kill italic This works only in Windows 1. Whenever your PC gets hanged to the extent that you can even use Task Manager use this method. Sometimes it happens that when some PC game gets hanged it turns the screen black and when you try to open TM it opens but is not displayed on the screen and hidden under that blackness. What you do here is make use of Windows 1 multiple virtual desktops feature. Assume that the program Mass Effect 2 has made myputer to hang. italic Make sure that Task Manager isn open in the present desktop youre working in. Switch to a new virtual desktop using Ctrl+Win+D. On the new virtual desktop youll see that the hang in the previous desktop won affect this one. Simply open Task Manager and terminate that damn program causing the hang. The Quick Shot italic To right of the Start Button there are a few programs which youve pinned. They are called Quick Launch Programs. You can use your keyboard to launch them. Each program has a assigned number. For example the first program(left most) is 1 then2u232 3 ..and so on. You can easily launch them by pressing Win+assigned number . Here clicking Win+5 will open Chrome Win+8 will open Xbox etc. The Replicator If you want to open a fresh copy a a window simply click on it using the Middle Mouse Button (the wheel). OR you can hold the Shift key and left click on it normally. The Secret Send italic Usually when we right click an item and hover over the Send to sub-option we get a list of possible destinations. What you have to do is while Right clicking hold the Shift key to unlock a few more options in the options list as well as a few more destinations in the Send to list. The Pro Snipper italic The new Snipping tool is seriously underrated. Instead of taking a screeenshot of the whole window using Print Scr button on your keyboard you can selectively snip out portions of your screen and modify them in the improved Snipping tool. All you have to do is start up the snipping tool select the desired area and save it or modify and save according to your will. You can also use Shift+Win+S to open an instance of Snipping tool and copy the snipped part to you clipboard for copy pasting purposes. The DIY Shortcuts italic Im sure a majority of you don use this super time saver. Just Right Click the program and go to properties. There in the Shortcuts tab youll find the Shortcut Key option. Click on the Shortcut key field and enter your desiredbination of keys. Save it and use them in the future to quickly open the programs. The Resurrection Protocol italic Whenever you delete an item it is not lostpletely. No Im not talking about Recycle Bin. Even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin there italic still an option to get it back. Just Right Click on the folder your file was present in go to the Previous Versions tab select the version you want to restore open and view it if you want to check click on restore. Youll get your file back. Note You can use this function if you System Protection is switched off. To switch it on open System Properties click on System Protection select the desired drive click on Configure and enable System Protection. horizontal-rule That all I have to share folks. Please upvote it as I really worked hard on this answer. HESOYAM italic Note italic 1) Noputers were harmed during the making of this answer. italic 2) The titles are just some fancy names I came up with last night. Any similarity to some actual title is purely coincidental. italic
How do I edit PDF files online? I want to replace some words in a PDF file.
When ites to working with PDFs the easiest way is to use a multi-functional app that has all the useful features and tools built in that lets you edit highlight and annotate share and sign your PDFs from any device. An app I rmend checking out for any kind of PDF work not just editing is PDF Reader s by Kdan Mobile. One of the best things about this app is how easy it is to use intuitive interface and all the features offered are actually useful. So once you have the app downloaded (whatever device or platform youre using) all you have to do is to open your PDF file and edit it and after editing or any other changes youve made you can save it on the cloud of your choice for further editing viewing and sharing. Other functions of this particular PDF reader include - viewing files (all mainstream formats) highlight annotate and strikeout add stamps such as sign here approved confidential fill in forms and manage all your annotations. You can also sign directly on the screen with your finger or a stylus and store all signatures in the library for future use. PDF Reader is easy to use highly functional and the ability to save and access your files from any device through the cloud increases productivity and workflow. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased.