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Iframe Video Disable Download: What You Should Know

If the method above will cause problems for you, try the following. 1. Add an iframe to your site and place the control on top of it. 2. Edit the script to say: function script() {document.getElementById(“decontrol”).addEventListener(“click”,handle_selector_on click, true);} function handle_selector_on click(e) {document.getElementById(“decontrol”).removeEventListener(“click”,handle_selector_click, false); window. Location = new_URL;} } 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 function script () {document. getElementById (“decontrol”) . addEventListener (“click”, handle_selector_on click, true) ;} function handle_selector_click (e) {document. getElementById (“decontrol”) . removeEventListener (“click”, handle_selector_click, false) ; window. Location = new_URL ;} } Hide or show full-screen playback on the video — Stack Overflow Using oncontextmenu=” return false;” when the user clicks the full-screen menu to disable the full-screen option. May I remove playback controls for the full-screen playback option? — Stack Overflow Hi, when user clicks the full-screen content option, how to remove playback controls without the player going full screen, or even the whole video? Thanks! — L. H. I have not found a way to remove playback controls in this case. Why can't I remove playback controls for the full-screen option on the player — Stack Overflow You could add the following code in your HTML5 player code in order to remove the playback controls: if (e.current Target.magnate == “play”) {var controls = document.getElementsByTagName(“decontrols”); controls.length; if(controls.length) controls.French(function(control) {return document.getElementsByTagName(“decontrols”).firsthand.removeChildren(control);}); document.getElementsByTagName(“decontrols”).


Can I embed another channel 19s YouTube video on my website?
After you sign up for an account on YouTube you can shoot your own videos and post them online where people can view them on your YouTube channel. If you also want to use someone else's video on your YouTube channel you can change your account settings to share the favorites in your playlist. Sharing Videos on YouTube YouTube is a free video-hosting website that enables people from around the world to share videos that they've shot with digital video cameras cellphones and other portable devices. You don't need an account on YouTube to browse and search for videos or view people's channels but you do need an account if you want to upload your own videos to your channel or save your favorites in a playlist. Watching YouTube Videos When you're in the mood to watch a video on YouTube you point your Web browser to the YouTube website ( YouTube) and sign in to your account so you can designate videos as favorites or save them in a playlist. Browse the thumbnails of videos on the front page click a category or a search term in the search box. Click the thumbnail of a video to start playing it. Save Videos to Playlist If you're watching a video while signed in to your YouTube account you can save it in a playlist if you don't have time to finish playing it or if you know that you'll want to watch it again. Click the triangle next to + Add To under the video and then click New Playlist from the drop-down menu. Type a name for the playlist and then press the Enter key on yourputer's keyboard. A message appears confirming that you saved the video to your playlist. You can also click Favorites from the + Add To drop-down menu to save a video to your list of favorite YouTube videos. YouTube Channel Settings Visitors to your YouTube channel can see the videos that you've uploaded. If you want to also use someone else's YouTube video on your channel you can share your playlist. Go to the YouTube website and sign in to your account. Click your account name at the top of the page and then click Channel. Click the Videos and Playlists tab at the top of the page. Click the My Favorites check box to display other people's videos that you have marked as your favorites and click the Playlists check box to display other people's videos that you have saved in a playlist. Click the check box next to the name of each playlist that you want to share. Click Save Changes.
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