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How To Unzip The Zip File: What You Should Know

The file displays the extracted content in a text editor window.5. The window displaying the content looks like it was formatted. How to decompress ZIP files — WinRAR (Windows) Double-click the compressed file in Windows Explorer. On your Windows PC, right-click (or press and hold) the file that you want to extract, and navigate to Unzip (View > Unzip). How to Unzip a ZIP File — Google Docs (Windows) How to decompress ZIP files on a computer or tablet — How to Unzip .zip Files (windows) For this tutorial, we'll use the same step-by-step process for decompression that we've used for decompressing files in .zip format in Google Docs. Click Copy Link to paste the extracted ZIP file into the clipboard. How to unzip files in .zip file on Android — Google Docs How to unzip files in .zip (for smartphones and tablets) file on Google Docs — Google Docs How to Extract Files from Zip Files (Windows) — Google Docs If .zip files are stored on a device, you can open it using the Windows file explorer or one of the popular “zip managers” of the Android Market. These utilities allow you to store files and folders in one or more zip (.zip) files. To extract files from a zip file, you start your file manager or the Market utility, and drag and drop files and folders onto it. For details, see the Table of Contents for this tutorial and the file manager/utility. Google Docs for Android also allows you to open a zip file directly.

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