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Linux Zip Command Options: What You Should Know

This enables you to unzip sub-directories in folders  in a ZIP archive without having to make recursive calls with the zip (unzip) command. To unzip a zip file, the following code will  do it: ./unzip -r /comedic This will unzip the current directory into the folder called /comedic. When the zip archive is done, you  will see the name of the folder you extracted into /comedic. The following will use the -r option to unzip into the current working directory (in this case ~/comedic): unzip -r /comedic/ /comedic/ ~/Documents ~/Documents This will unzip one directory at a time to the current home directory /comedic. This directory will hold the  sub-directories in the archive file you want to unzip into /comedic along with the files themselves. The current directory will now  be the home directory. /comedic/Documents You can use the /comedic/ to unzip directories into the current directory (i.e., sub-directories or the folder itself). The ~/comedic folder and all files under it will be  accessible via the ~/Documents sub-directory on your Linux system. The following will unzip into the current working directory: ./unzip -r / / ~/Documents/ This directory will contain the contents of which will be unzipped into the ~/Documents/ directory. The ~/Documents directory will hold  files and sub-directories which are also included in the unzipped archive. The filename of the directory will be the name of the  directory containing the files you just unzipped. In this example, the folder /comedic/Documents will contain information about your home directory /comedic. This  folder will make use of files contained in in which folder names contain the information about your home directory /comedic. This  folder is useful if you want to know what your home directory is and how to access it in general.

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