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How Do I Make A Onedrive Folder Private: What You Should Know

Reddit Oct 1, 2023 — “Make a shared folder private”: right-click on the Share button, and choose Manage. At the bottom, under Share and Folders, click Public, and choose one of these choices: “Make that folder private”: When someone tries to share it to anyone else, they get a message in their window “Someone shared this folder with me. Click this to restrict access.” Click Show Folder Restrictions in the pop-up menu, and then set up folders you want to share. You can still share from the folder, but you need a sign-in. To make the link to the folder a hidden link: add that file to a text document in Google Drive Note: Google Drive does not yet have the ability to hide links to files, so the only way to make that link visible is to share the folder via the link. OneDrive does not yet support the option to create a hidden folder on a computer that's shared to a ShareD rive account; that functionality is planned for an upcoming update. To use files in a share folder that only you have read, you must first share the account from which to make the link visible. To share a shared folder that you have the permission to read, set your share profile status to “Read”. Aug 1, 2023 — Go to the “My files” area, select the folder or files you can share, and then click the “Share” button. To share a folder, right-click the folder or select the file to which you want to add files for other people to use. To edit files in an existing share folder on a PC running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10: In Microsoft Word, click “File”, click Move. In Microsoft Excel, click “File”, click Move. In Microsoft PowerPoint, click “File”, click Move. ​ When all files in an existing shared folder have been moved, you'll notice that you can create a new folder in another folder. Click Share in your OneDrive settings to assign a different name to the folder.

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