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Onedrive Personal Vault Review: What You Should Know

OneDrive Access: How to use it How to View and Edit OneDrive Files in 2022 Jan 22, 2024 — Viewing OneDrive files in 2024 requires two steps: First, click the “OneDrive” button from the notification area, then go to “Edit” and click “view” (there will be four icons). You cannot edit OneDrive files if you are signed in to your Microsoft account. You cannot edit OneDrive files if you are signed out of the app or if your device is locked. Two-factor authentication? Microsoft explains : You can also enable two-factor authentication, so your account can be unlocked by a code sent via text message if you want. However, a message containing a code must be received by your phone or tablet, which may not be at home or at a trusted location. The code may appear in an SMS text notification sent from your device, which will provide you with a code to take to Microsoft. The code only works when the device is on your cellular or Wi-Fi network, and you must receive a notification before the code is used, and it will expire after 24 hours if no response is received. Why Two-factor authentication? If you log out and log back in after trying to edit or view files, the last time you logged in, you may have to authenticate again. You will then be asked to enter your password. A text will arrive at your phone with a code that grants you access. You can enter this code only to view or edit the file. You will need to send this code to your phone or tablet by SMS or similar method. When you authenticate with a code, you will receive an app notification and the file will be encrypted and locked. You can disable two-factor authentication as well by unchecking the box near the top right of the screen, below the “View” button. You will still be able to view OneDrive files if you need to, but the key will be needed to access files. Furthermore, you can view your OneDrive logins by going to Account, then “Security”, then your OneDrive Logins. If you've previously configured two-factor authentication, the key will show as “Your account security code” under “Your security profile”. A lock will appear when you've sent the code. How can you manage your Two-Factor Authentication? If you receive an SMS/MMS containing a code, enter it in the text box and tap “OK”.

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