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How To Protect My Ebook From Being Copied: What You Should Know

There is, sadly, a good chance that you're not legally obligated to do so, though you should absolutely do your due diligence to find out if you are. In the meantime, a better idea may be to write a note along the lines of, “I own this,” and stick it on the front cover, so the thief gets the message that his efforts so far haven't had any effect. Or if you're already doing your thing, you may have to ask yourself why you're putting up the money to hire a lawyer and a computer to do your heavy lifting. 3 Ways To Protect Your E-Book From Being Copied In This Article — Wikipedia Sep 12, 2023 — How to save your e-book from piracy. How to protect your E-Book From Being Copied — Wikipedia 1. Make sure your books get DRM software installed “If you want to prevent your book from getting copied,” says Randal Olson, a professor of public policy at George Mason University, “you have to put DRM in.” He recommends this kind of software because its only purpose is for digital rights management. “Your book becomes your intellectual property, so make sure it has DRM protection on it.” “Once you get your e-book DRM, you can't get the book back, and if your book isn't getting copied, nobody loses anything.” You should set up digital watermarks on your files. This can help prevent a PDF from being reproduced as a file on another computer. For example, on a Kindle it works with the Kindle Cloud Reader, or you can make use of your e-book's DRM on your tablet, tablet-like electronic device, desktop, or in an e-reader app. You may also want to check out the “Ask the Author” section of the author's site to see whether your copyright notice has been updated. 2. Have all the authors sign your book This is not as important for fiction, but for nonfiction, this is one of the most effective ways to ensure that a book doesn't get copied, according to Mark Cover, Director of Copyright & Intellectual Property, HarperCollins Publishers. “I'd suggest giving the author(s) a hard copy of your book, so they can verify that all the copy right holders in their area have signed the copy right agreement.” 3.

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