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Draft2digital Pre-order: What You Should Know

If an update to your book doesn't show up on your View Book page, it may have been made and published before you entered your pre-order, or you may have chosen a different publishing date from that available to the book publisher. The first time your book is published you will have to submit a new copy of your book. The book publisher should then have the new version of your book available for the most recent release date or for the release date and the new date that has already been selected by the Pre-Orders. This includes formats, such as PDF, Nook, Kindle, and more. If your new release date is longer than ninety days out, and you aren't at your chosen release date, your publisher may be holding a promotion or discount, and you will not get your book in time (for example, if a book has “poster” or “double cover” editions). You can still get your book into stock, but only if your Publisher has the new edition available for the release date, and it will ship on time. This also means you can have a new version of your book sent out as a physical book, but the books sold (without any upgrades or upgrades you would pay for, which I always suggest) should ship within the ninety days as above. Once you are at your choice release date, you can start setting up orders with your preferred digital retailer so that your book goes through a series of Pre-Orders to get to your choice Digital retailer as soon as possible. The date can be changed or extended by the release date, but at least it shouldn't be far out. Pre-orders — Draft2Digital Support May 4, 2024 — Yes, easily! You can set up pre-orders to be shipped on the release date to your chosen digital retailer. If you are an Amazon Prime member. All you need is a Kindle and a printer. Here's how it works: If your book has a pre-order option to ship in June, but you want it to ship on June 17, you may be able to get the pre-order to ship on the release date, if you have a printer and will print at your preferred retail store. If this is the case you must have your preferred retailer's address entered the box to “pick from” as the printer, otherwise you will not receive the book.

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