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Ebook Piracy: What You Should Know

In addition to stealing your e-book, it's an even more insidious type of crime that can lead to some very difficult questions and a lot of uncertainty for the authors, publishers, and people selling e-books. How to protect your e-book from online piracy · 6.3 What is the current state of e-book piracy? What is the punishment for pirating books? This page outlines the current state and recent changes in the online e-book piracy ecosystem. What to Do If Someone Stole Your Paperback? Some sellers on the Internet selling paperbacks have been experiencing an epidemic of theft. The majority of the stolen paperbacks are books with a copyright expiration date between 2024 and 2024 (see table above). What to Do If Someone Steal Your Kindle Paperback? To get back your books you must obtain a warrant from a court in order to get a copy of your e-books. For digital books, see this page. Paperback Theft The theft of paperbacks has been a problem for decades. It is relatively easy for someone to steal a book from a library that has been digitized onto a computer and then uploaded to another site that can sell them. The theft happens because the seller has no control of what is in the uploaded file, or what the buyer may be paying for the book without purchasing the rights first. Paperback theft is considered a misdemeanor and those who steal paperbacks have a maximum fine of 1,000 and up to six months in jail. Theft of hardcover books can carry a maximum of 10,000 and jail time of up to five years. How to protect your paperbacks: 1. Purchase your books at bookstores. 2. Check that the date of the book has not exceeded your copyright term. If the title of the book was published within the past ten years and the author or publisher has a copyright over the book, there is no need to register the book with the United States Copyright Office or have you name on the copyright list. Check the yearbook section on Facebook for your school, college, church, etc. There are also websites such as that can tell you if you are being sued. 3. Take notes as you read. 4. Read a book cover to cover before buying it. 5.

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