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Dropbox: What You Should Know

This Dropbox extension uses the Dropbox service, so you only have to connect the Dropbox account to your Gmail account to use it. Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage for Google Apps Users — Google Apps Support Here's your chance to make a contribution to the way businesses work by helping us make Dropbox better for Google Apps users everywhere. Dropbox for Mac — Apple Store The Dropbox add-on puts Dropbox in your Mac at work, at home, and on the road. Plus, it's simple to use and lets you create, edit, share, and save files across all your mobile platforms (and soon the web). Dropbox: Securing Files on Mac — Apple Support Forum Need a Dropbox extension that lets you encrypt sensitive files? Here's the solution. This extension makes it simple to lock files on your Mac with the same passcode you use on your Dropbox account. There are no extra permissions. Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage for Mac — Developer Blog Forget the web — now you can sync your Dropbox files to your mobile devices. The Dropbox extension adds Dropbox to your iOS Home screen, automatically creates a login and adds Dropbox as a favorite folder. All of your Dropbox files are synced to your mobile device. Now you have access to files across all your devices—using Dropbox for Mac or Dropbox for Android. Dropbox for Windows — Microsoft Store You don't need a Dropbox to use Dropbox for Windows. Just set your mobile device as a “dormant” or “read-only” device. This allows you to create and access files in complete privacy on your phone and at work. Or, if you prefer, you can set up a local Dropbox account and keep a physical Dropbox drive. Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage on Windows — Developer Blog Get started and sync your files using Dropbox on Windows. Dropbox gives you the option to access your entire Dropbox collection on your Windows PC, or synchronize your Dropbox data with the desktop Dropbox file server. With these options, every day brings new opportunities to be more productive. Dropbox Mobile for Android — Google Play You'll find this link below this description.

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