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Draft2digital Vs Smashwords: What You Should Know

And after a  Final Words from the Smash words blog March 13, 2023 — The battle for e-book market dominance is over! Amazon, Machete Book Group and B&N have acquired all the digital publishing industry's top players: Smash, bookmark in the UK, CreateS pace and in the USA; and Bobby, Book Depository and Amazon's B&N Publishing in Canada. It now appears that the End of the Smash word Fantasy Epic and its Authors March 13, 2023 — The “Fantasy Epic” was a classic in books and e-book. I wrote it for my own pleasure and no one else. I am, of course, happy to  March 13, 2023 — To celebrate the release of my newest book, I had my husband, Scott Taylor, help me write it. It's very simple; read this  December 5, 2023 — Just a reminder, at the end of 2023 I was still using a laptop that cost the equivalent of over 1200 in today's dollars. I used my  March 26, 2023 — “As a book author, I'm so excited to share my work online; I've always liked reading the finished product,” said author Amanda Hocking.  July 18, 2023 — I've written about it a few times; it's called “Amazon's new publishing model”. Here's more information from Amazon's latest blog  April 13, 2023 — If you want to create a Kindle book and take it to a larger audience and distribute it in Kindle Unlimited and other forms — especially those that offer  April 13, 2023 — An author may think they need more income, but if you can do things that others can't do you'll do it anyway. Myself, I write  April 13, 2023 — How to Build a Kindle Book Business as a Kindle Unlimited Author: Tips from the Top E-Book Authors. I have a lot of ideas to share on this topic, so I thought I would put  April 10, 2023 — Amazon's latest blog post that contains a lot of interesting information about Smash words, Smash and the world of Kindle Unlimited. April 10, 2023 — You can join us on Facebook to get up to date on new Smash words books and Smash words sales news. July 27, 2023 – We had another record-setting month at Smash words with 6,636,712 in Smash words sales.

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