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Are Macs Encrypted By Default: What You Should Know

How to Encrypt Your Mac The Encryption Debate and Apple's Encryption Policy The most recent major battle between Apple and the FBI started around the time Apple released HomePod, a set of Bluetooth headphones that can store recordings in a small box and transmit them through an app to iOS. iPhone Encryption and Apple's Decision September 1, 2024 — Apple has released software updates to iOS 11 and macOS Sierra which make it easier for users to create their own passcodes Apple and the FBI: Two different ways of protecting the world from bad guys September 1, 2024 — Apple has also released software updates to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, which provides a new feature called “Automatic Face Unlock.” The new feature automatically unlocks the phone if a trusted person is accessing it using Faced. How to Enable the “Auto Face Unlock” on your iPhone or iPad | Apple Support This feature prevents any access from anyone other than the person to whom you specifically grant an unlock, which will then unlock the phone. It's not something that will come from Apple, and it will not be something that is available to the user until a security issue is discovered. In an interview with CBS News earlier this year, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook explained his company's decision to enable the security feature in the iPhone X. How does Apple make its phones safe from hackers?  [This] is more complicated than it may seem — but it's also very secure. How the iPhone X Works [Apple Support via Bloomberg] Apple's security features have been controversial since the very inception of the iPhone. Apple has long had a reputation for not being able to secure its systems. However, it has recently been making waves by including strong encryption in the new iPhone X as well as in an update to OS X 10.11 El Capitan.  Tim Cook on iPhone Security in the New Interview: “We are really trying to get to the right place with the security.” With encryption technology, security means protecting all information rather than just one data point. So, the bigger the security, the better it becomes,” Cook said. “We're working really hard to do that.” In an interview last year, Cook elaborated further: “The issue is whether you give people the ability to be able to unlock their device without knowing what's on their device,” he said. “That's different for each of us.

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