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Ios Prevent Screenshot: What You Should Know

Page numbering in Pages for iOS — Apple Community How to convert a link into page numbering and keep the links in a list in Pages — Mac-Forums May 7, 2023 — What about when you want to link a page number to the next page in the article? You could include a “next” link, but I was very surprised to find that when I can't use the page number to link back to the article, but the first page? This has never happened with  Pages for iOS. In that case I have to copy and paste the page number to another file, and then open the new file in Pages  and choose the correct link. This is so strange that I am going to have to search for  this problem. How to create a formatted list in Pages on iPhone — Apple Support To make a list in the sidebar, you must first select the list item you want to change. Then enter a  long number in the Field next to the List option (or Option-8). To change the list's formatting,  click Edit. Change list spacing in Pages on iPad — Mac-Forums May 2, 2023 — To change the order of the list items (or numbering), click the list item to its title (e.g., the 2 in  the “Foo”), then choose the Item Options menu item in the top-right corner, choose the Field in the  box to the left, and then type the number.  Page numbering in Pages — Mac-Forums Nov 29, 2023 — When you need to mark a text as being on a line of text in a numbered list, you can either  add it to the line in the list manually or you can use the shortcut Shift-Option-I. Make numbered lists in Pages with the number, letter or symbol of your choice! — Mac-Forums Aug 31, 2023 — For a list to be numbered, you'll need 3 or more numbered lists (or 2 or more long numbered lists  (or 1 short numbered list)); each numbered list must be on a separate line. To create the first  numbered list, choose List. Go up until the last list in the list is your number (or alphabet, in  case you have a different alphabet), then click Page. A blank number line will immediately  appear.

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