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Free File Sharing Sites: What You Should Know

Google Drive allows you to save any kind of files and share them with others. Google Drive is completely free to use, and you can make unlimited files available at any other cloud. What is great about Google Drive is that you can upload any files and save them at any other cloud provider. Google Drive helps users to upload file at Google, Dropbox, Skydive, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive. In addition, there are options to download any file on Google Drive also.  The file is easily accessible, without any account required. Google Drive is available for different platforms like : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and all operating systems. With the help of Google Drive, users can upload files, store files and copy-paste files in an instant. Google Drive upload feature allows users save any kind of data to its own folder. It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit version. It supports different file storage types like: Dropbox, Skydive, Google Docs, One Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. 2. Google Docs is one of the best and the most complete tools that allows you to create documents with ease. You can write text, pictures, web pages, spreadsheets, presentations in any form in Google Docs. You can edit, save, print, share and edit the documents with other people from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you can use many advanced editing options in Google Docs including formatting, fonts, page layout, links, tables, pictures & charts. On the other hand, you can edit Google Docs at any time. Google Docs work well both in desktop and mobile platforms. It has its own storage option, and you can transfer Google Docs to other apps for storage only. 3. Skydive helps users to save as much as they like on their mobile device. Skydive provides users with a cloud-based storage option where users can save any type of files to their Skydive. Skydive is free to use without any login. Skydive can store user's music, photos, films, document, videos, documents, e-newsletters that can be shared across multiple devices using the Google Docs sharing feature. Skydive is compatible with iOS & Android in the following versions:- iOS 8+, Android 3+ 4. Box is a cloud-based storage service used to store and organize all of your personal business files easily and efficiently.

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