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Why Are Files Locked On Mac: What You Should Know

Press Command + X in the dialog box, and choose Finder from the List of Applications for the program that is listed. (Figure 1 – 5) Click here to view a larger version 4. Select the Lock command and click the Lock icon that appears in the lower left-hand portion of the Lock text box. (Figure 2 – 5) Alternatively, using the Edit Toolbar or the Finder, choose Edit > Lock from the menu bar, in the dialog box that appears, and type Lock: and press Command + L. This displays a context menu in the upper-right side of the Lock window, as shown in Figure 3 – 6. Select the Lock option in this context menu or click on the Lock icon, as shown in Figure 4, to show the Lock dialog box. Click here to view a larger version Click here to view a larger version 5. Select Lock in the Lock dialog box, as shown in Figure 5, and click Unlock. Lock and Unlock with Two Macs — Mac world Magazine May 19, 2023 — You can't just unlock any file — it has to be an Apple program, such as work or Pages. You can also unlock only specific files. What about the user files — the photos, videos, videos podcasts? Mac File Permissions FAQ Dec 5, 2023 — Why Can't I Delete a Locked file? To delete a locked or hidden file from your Mac, you will need to get user access (e.g., from a Finder menu option or an application), and then delete the locked or hidden file by clicking the trash can icon at the top-right of your Mac system tray. Click the Trash Bin to the left of the trash can icon (Figure 6). Click Open to the right of the trash can icon, or press Command — Enter to show options for the selected item (Figure 7-12). For security, you can always create an alias for each file and folder you don't want to see. You can set individual files to hidden and change the default setting for all files and folders. Sep 26, 2023 — My files all showing as locked. How do I unlock? Click the trash can icon. Choose Open, from the menu that appears. See Also The following links may contain links to sites with Apple information only. Apple does not endorse any of these sites.

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