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Can Astronauts Vote From Space?

Astronauts in space vote the same way as other American citizens who are stationed outside of the country during elections. T request an absentee ballot from their state. It can be delivered and carried back in a supply rocket, though most of them will request a ballot early enough to complete it before their mission begins.

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

According to William Tompkins of the NASA History Office, “There are a couple of items which we are aware of, and we are working to locate them. “In some cases we are trying to locate personal effects which might have been carried off by the cosmonauts. “ Although it was only in the 1960s that the U.S. government realized it had a missing space agency on its hands, much of it had been forgotten by the time NASA established a Department of Historical Resources in 1965 to handle the artifacts of the dead and the missing in space. The historical agency has only recently begun making its efforts known to the public. “We feel as though feature at a pretty nascent stage when YouTube looking at all the artifacts we have from the lost missions,” said Don Schmitt, the Smithsonianâ¬Ùs National Air and Space Museums space preservation officer..

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