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How Can I Encrypt Selected Files On My Pc That Nothing?

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How Can I Encrypt Selected Files On My Pc That Nothing?

This needs to be split up in detail. The initial encryption of your Veracrypt container can slow down your system as Veracrypt (like most other encryption software) generates secure keys and runs thousands of iterations for the encryption container to be created. So, when creating a bigger container (up to some GB of size) Veracrypt uses the CPU power it can get to do it as fast as possible. This results in a temporary slow system as the CPU is in full use and other processes have to wait. But writing data into the encrypted container (I/O) is quite fast and shouldn't slow down the system that much or have an huge impact on read/write processes. There is only a delay when mounting and unmounting encrypted containers as Veracrypt runs much more iterations when decrypting and encrypting the containers as TrueCrypt did.

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