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How Can I Protect My PDF Content From Being Copied But Without A?

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How Can I Protect My PDF Content From Being Copied But Without A?

Simple - don’t put your ebook (in this dreadful ebook format) on the web. I suspect that’s not the answer you want though so here’s another. Don’t bother worrying about this. The format you have chosen is designed for printing, not for reading on an ebook reader, most serious readers won’t bother with it because doing all that scrolling is irritating and PDF files can often contain malware. Those who pirate books will thank you though since you have made their task easier. A better format would be EPUB or for Amazon MOBI. Both of these can have DRM applied which prevents an average computer user sharing the file. However I suggest you DON’T add DRM since it won’t prevent those who pirate books from removing it. It will prevent most legitimate users from transferring the files between devices though. If your book is worth copying, there is nothing you can do to prevent it being pirated once it is available for sale on the web. Those who download your pirated books though probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway. If t like it, there’s a chance t may buy another of your books, post a review or talk about it to friends. Look on those pirate copies as free advertising.

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

The free version of MAID is here: And here's a link to their FAQ: If you have specific questions, email them at Thanks a lot for the site! It's great! So, I just made a small modification in my own personal code to make this script work: So, for the version 3 script in the download link above, replace the #define for the text in the function with this code below, just after you download the script: “#define MAID 0” if (!MAID) If you download the version which is for version 2 of Protect-PDF online, go to Protect-PDF online, then you will see a new window appear: Go to “Downloads” and then “Manage License” and in there is a new panel: Go under “License” and click on “Change Licenses” under “Manage All”, then you have to select “Change the License Type” and then click “Change”. In there is a new.

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