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How Do I Password Protect Hundreds Of ProtectPDFonline PDF Files In?

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How Do I Password Protect Hundreds Of ProtectPDFonline PDF Files In?

You can save password protected PDF as password unprotected document you can use Google Chrome or any other alternative like third party tools. Method 1. Google Chrome helps you to unprotect password protected PDF but it is necessary that the file should not have print restrictions. However, if the file is print secured then this method will get fail. Method 2. Suppose if the file is print protected therefore in such cases you can make the use of third party tool like SysTools PDF Unlocker. With this software PDF files can be unlocked and becomes free from passwords and restrictions. To do this follow these steps. 1. Launch the software and click on Unlock button. 2. Click on Browse and go to the location of protected PDF. 3. Select the file and click Open to add it. 4. Now choose destination location for the file and click Unlock PDF. 5. Enter the user password when prompted and click OK. 6. The PDF file passwords will be removed in a short time.

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

After successful unlock the document you can download the encrypted PDF file without encryption password. 8. If you are planning to download encrypted file without encryption password, then check the following steps. Method 3. If your PDF file has print restrictions, then simply copy the encryption password from the Encrypting PDF file which can be found under the Encrypted PDF folder and import it in Google Chrome. You can then enjoy the file without password. Method 4. The method mentioned above with encryption password should be preferred because it is safer with protection of the file passwords. However, if you plan to download encrypted file without password then proceed using the following steps. 1. Browse to the page below and find the desired PDF file. 2. In the browser window drag-and-drop the downloaded file and save it to your computer or desktop. 3. Right-click on the downloaded file and select open with. 4. In the.

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