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How Do I Save A Password Protected ProtectPDFonline PDF Document?

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How Do I Save A Password Protected ProtectPDFonline PDF Document?

Definitely not. You cannot unsecure a secured PDF document without the password. The password is very much necessary to make a secured PDF as unsecured. If you have the password then you can proceed with creating an unlocked or decrypted copy of the PDF file using SwifDoo PDF editor. It is the #1 PDF editor for Windows PC in 2021. So, let us learn how to decrypt PDF using SwifDoo PDF Decryption tool in the following steps. Install and launch SwifDoo PDF on your PC. After that you need to make use of “Open” button to select and open the encrypted PDF file. As soon as the PDF file is uploaded, you will be required to input it’s password to open it. Once opened, the next step will be to go to “Advanced” section and select “Decryption” tool. You will again be asked for the PDF password for the last time. Simply input the password, set an output location for the unlocked PDF and check/uncheck “Overlay Original File” option as per your choice. Finally, hit the OK button and you will find that your secured PDF is now decrypted.

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

Download Passkey for PDF on your Web Browser. 2. Now type the password you want to crack in passkey and see the password. 3. Press the print menu at the bottom of the screen. 4. Passkey for PDF can crack the secret passwords with just a simple passkey. There are thousands of passwords for every product and service.

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