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How Do Us Astronauts On Board The International Space Station Vote In?

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How Do Us Astronauts On Board The International Space Station Vote In?

Before any US astronaut can fly to the ISS, he must learn to speak Russian and spend some time training at the Yuri Gagarin Research and Cosmonaut Training Center at the Star City near Moscow, Russia. That is because, since 2012, USA still doesn’t have a spacecraft thst can fly crews to the orbit, and is sending their astronauts on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Thus will likely change in 2020, when American spacecraft will become certified for human flight to orbit.

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Russia Hainaut disclosed the exact date of that certification, but the date is expected to be around July 2020. When that happens, Usages astronauts will be trained and certified to fly to the ISS, and be able to land on the Soyuz spacecraft's runway and fly off safely. This, along with Russia's own human spaceflight plans for the early 2020s, could lead to a more cooperative relationship between the two countries at the ISS. That includes NASA helping out Russia when it wants NASA to send astronauts to the ISS or to other countries, to fill in for Nasals International Space Station (ISS). The reason for this cooperation was revealed in a video recently produced by Cosmos, in partnership with NASA. The agency Orion spacecraft is supposed to carry astronauts to the ISS, but will first be powered up by the Space Launch System (SLS), the heavy, powerful rocket NASA will.

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