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How Do We Create Password Protected ProtectPDFonline PDF Files?

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How Do We Create Password Protected ProtectPDFonline PDF Files?

Select the PDF file which you to save without password. Right-click on the PDF file. Open with Internet Explorer. You can open it with any browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. but I am using the Internet Explorer because it is available on all Windows operating system. When PDF file opens in Internet Explorer it will ask for the PDF file Password. Enter that. Once the PDF file unlocked and successfully open press CTRL +P. The Print screen will open. From the left side under the printer option, you will find a drop-down box. Click on that. Now select the Microsoft Print PDF. Click on the Print button given at the bottom of the left side. Now instead of printing the PDF, it will ask to save it. Give some name to your unprotected PDF file. After saving go and open it, Now you will see that the password from your PDF file successfully removed before saving.

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

When you have the passkey for the PDF document, you can import it into your favorite PDF editor (such as PDF Master) to crack the PDF password. 1. Save the PDF copy with a new name. 2. Locate the new file named as passkey for PDF and open it in the same mode as you imported it in step 1. 3. Type in the passkey for the PDF in the text box to the left. 4. Save the PDF copy. 5. You now have the passkey you need to crack the PDF password. 6. Open the PDF in the same mode you imported it when cracking the password in Step 1 method. Press CTRL + F (to find your browser location) 7. Enter the passkey into the passkey box 8. Click on the 'Change Passkey' button in the toolbar. Enter a value in the passkey box and click go. The PDF password should now have been.