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Is E Aadhaar Valid For Address Proof For A Passport?

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Is E Aadhaar Valid For Address Proof For A Passport?

It should suffice. It’s details can always be verified ftom OTP on your registered mobile which should be carried at that time

Password Protect PDF: All You Need to Know

What about my OTA, the OTP and the account number? When you register for the OTA, you have to provide information like the OTP, your password and the account number for the specific billing cycle under the bill cycle and be specific in your message. For the first billing cycle, the account number cannot be provided for any subsequent billing cycle. For example, if you pay for an OTA from your mobile phone bill (under the Airtel scheme), you have to mention it under the 'Additional charges to the supplier' section or the provision of your monthly bill. In the example above, you have to give a unique account number as the customer number of Airtel is not given on their bills, you will have to say 'Airtel Customer 123456'. Why the account number is not given on my bill? When you are not receiving any bill for any billing cycle, simply mention your.

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