How To Put Password Protection On Credit Report

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How To Put Password Protection On Credit Report
Instructions and Help about How To Put Password Protection On Credit Report

Music hi guys it's designer soapbox here in today's video i'm going to show you how to lock your credit report with okay so first what you need to do is you need to go to okay or you can just google uh lock and alert equifax and it should take you to the screen that i'm currently on okay so once you on this page next is uh you will need to sign up if you do have a or account it will not be the same username and password that's on there so what you need to do is you need everyone needs to sign up if you have not signed up for lock and alert with equifax okay remember it is not the same email and password that's on your equi so it's basically you're making a new account for just the locking alert okay so what you need to do is sign up and then it's going to take you to a registration page so once you've done that you'll need to fill out the information here your your first name last name did a birth social security phone number and address and then you click i'm at a robot continue and then once you click continue it will take you to a screen where you'll need to verify the information so it would like to take a two-way email or send a text screen it's going to verify you again and then you will be able to verify and then i it will email you the credentials and then you will be able to sign in okay so then once you're here so then you'll come back to this um this page and you'll be able to sign in okay so i'm going to sign in and show you okay so now i am signed in right so then it's going to take it's really easy guys like this is a straightforward just lock an alert so when you sign in it's going to say uh it's going to basically say this it's going to look like this your equifax credit report is currently unlocked right so it may also give you an email so i just got an email saying that it's unlocked right so then when i click locked it's going to lock and it's going to email me again probably which likely will yep so it did so it emails me right away to letting know let to letting me know that my equifax credit report has been locked it's that easy so this is how you'll lock and unlock your equifax credit report so this is pretty much how you can lock and unlock your equifax credit report on equifax so if you have any questions leave them down below i hope you like this video bye hi everyone this designer seoul box i just wanted to make this video to ...