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PDF is a helpful file format, especially for organization. It’s comfortable to use it when you want to deliver or store electronic files. It can be seen, edited, printed, downloaded and signed easily, moreover, you are able to do it on any device.
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PDF file is one of the best ways to present electronic materials. Documents within this file format might include not just text, pictures, and graphical components but additionally interactive ones, like buttons. You can open up the PDF file making use of software program or simply from your Web browser.
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How to password protect PDF using the world-level standards:

Upload your document to the website in two clicks.
Modify the original text, insert new elements.
Upgrade the sample with advanced fillable fields.
Place Signature and Initials line to make it easier to complete.
Add the watermark if needed.
Click Done, create, and set a strong password.
Share, send out for signing, or save a template for future reuse.

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Usually, you’d need to read through pages after pages to get an idea of the differences between several PDF password protect services. Here you get the comparison of all the features in a single table.
Protect PDF
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
Extract Pages
Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
iOS and Android Apps
Chrome Web Store - Extensions
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No Software Downloads
Encryption and Security
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What Our Customers Say

Sales Manager
Very nice application for protecting PDFs with passwords without having to install anything. I send a lot of sensitive information and having a password added to my documents makes me feel more comfortable. High-level security is a must for valuable information.
Operations Manager
Great tool for fending off frauds. Building a web-based app for protecting PDFs with passwords was a great idea! All I have to do is to upload my PDF, create a password, and apply it.
Loan Officer
I don't usually leave many reviews, but when I do it's because I'm impressed. It's easy to use, efficient, and clear. Only the people I gave the password to were able to access the document. I'll definitely use it again!


How can I protect a PDF with a password?
Type in your internet browser, open the tool, and upload the document you want to password-protect. Generate reliable encryption and enter it in the corresponding field. Submit the changes and download the protected document. Besides, you can proceed with editing your document using our feature-rich online editor.
How do I protect my PDFs from editing?
If you want to be sure your file remains unchanged, you need to password-protect it. With our online tool, the data in your document will be accessible only to those who receive your password to it. The working principle is simple: upload the doc, generate a password, submit the changes, and save the file.
How to protect the content of my PDF?
If you need the content of your document to be intact, lock it with a reliable password. In your internet browser enter, import your file, create encryption (it is advisable to think of a complicated combination), and save the changes. Your protected document is ready to be downloaded or edited with our full-fledged online editor.
How to create a password for a PDF online?
Open our online solution by typing its website address in your internet browser. Import the file you want to password-protect, enter the combination of numbers and letters in the corresponding field, and submit the changes. You can check the password’s correctness by clicking the eye symbol next to it.
How to protect a PDF file from copying?
In case your doc contains sensitive data, you might need to password-protect it. In order to do this, open the browser on your internet-connected device, enter, and import your file. Think of reliable encryption, type the combination, and save the changes. Instead of downloading you can proceed with editing your document with our feature-rich editor.
How do I password-protect a PDF?
Our online tool enables you to generate a reliable password for your document with no payments required. Smooth internet connection is the only requirement. Upload and encrypt as many files per day as you need (mind that the size of each separate file should not exceed 25 MB).
Why can’t I protect a PDF with a password?
The document might have been created with certain limitations in some capacity. Therefore, the easiest way to fix the problem is to select the printing feature and save the file as a new PDF. Now you can easily generate a password for this newly created document with our online tool.
Why do I need to password-protect my PDFs?
If your documents are accessible to other people yet they contain sensitive information or you simply don’t want to share their content with others, password-protection is the best choice. Go to, import the file, create a reliable password, and submit the changes. You can either download the protected file or use our online editor to make changes to your document.
Can I protect a PDF without a password?
No. You will definitely need to lock it with encryption. However, there is nothing complicated about it: type in the internet browser, open the tool, import the document, create a password, save the changes and the encrypted file is ready to be downloaded. Provided stable internet connection the whole process will take a couple of seconds.
Can I password-protect PDFs from a mobile device?
Our online solution is compatible with any internet-connected device or operating system. Create reliable passwords for your PDF files in several clicks right from your smartphone. Import the doc, generate a password, save it, and download the protected file to your portable device or upload it to the cloud storage.
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